Full Time Academy

Full Time Academy is a highly focused, personalized training program designed to help each player further develop all aspects of his/her game – technical abilities, game style, strategies, mental and physical strength as well as speed. Our goal is for each player to reach maximum performance potential, while positioning him/her to compete at the sectional, national, and international levels and earning college scholarships.

Our students receive significant individualized attention.

Students will develop individual game styles based on personal vision, physical attributes, and weapons. Each player will develop a clear understanding of his/her basic strategy as a player. Additionally, major emphasis will be placed on a player learning high percentage tactics and shot selection. Player’s speed/agility, balance, strength, and quickness on court will be constantly addressed. We believe in maximizing each player’s athletic potential to be competitive in modern tennis.

Developing the mental skills and discipline is a key component of the program. Players will work on these skills on a weekly basis.

Points and match play will be an integral part of the program on a daily basis.


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